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Amneal Ireland Limited

Amneal Ireland Limited is a generic drug manufacturer based on the Cahir Road in Cashel. It is a part of Amneal Pharmaceuticals – an American pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and distributes generic pharmaceutical products and is currently the 6th largest U.S. generics manufacturer in number of prescriptions.

It is one of the fastest growing generic pharmaceutical companies and is expanding internationally with global operations in Switzerland, UK, India, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Australia and most recently Ireland.

Our new facility in Cashel will be dedicated to the production of metered dose and dry powder inhalers (MDIs and DPIs) as well as biosimilars – all high-end specialty medications. In time we will develop Research & Development capability at Cashel. Amneal Ireland Limited expects to hire 250 employees approximately once fully operational.
Amneal chose the Cashel site not only for its excellent existing infrastructure but also for the quality of its local workforce, the enthusiastic support of government leaders and a positive business environment. The company in turn brings to Cashel a proven track record of providing steady jobs, empowering employees to do their best work and collaborating with the surrounding community to build a superb operation, aligned with Amneal’s core values.

Amneal’s guiding principles—the relentless pursuit of quality in every aspect of its business, providing customers the best possible service and building long-term relationships—are what has made this business a true market leader. The management team at Amneal Ireland Limited look forward to sharing these principles for success and actively contributing to the community of Cashel and its people.