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Cashel Folk Village

Phone: 062 63601 or 087 9151316


Cashel Folk Village/1916 Easter Rising Museum is a Multi Award Winning Museum!

Ranked as the NO. 1 Museum in Co. Tipperary on Tripadvisor, and winner of the internationally recognised Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence every year since its first year of entry on Tripadvisor.

The real highlight of this museum, particularly because 2016 is the 100th Anniversary of The 1916 Easter Rising, is that it offers visitors the opportunity to see the only 1916 Easter Rising/Irish War of Independence/Irish Civil War Museum combined in Ireland. It also houses the only 1916 Easter Rising Garden of Remembrance/Memorial Plaza in Ireland. Significantly, a huge amount of the memorabilia/artefacts on site are original, not copies, making it a must see experience.

However, it is very important to point out that this is only a small part of the vast collection of original historical memorabilia/artefacts/monuments onsite in the 3 different museums, so listed below is a flavour of the other attractions:

  • The Easter Rising
  • War of Independence
  • Civil War Museum-plus AudioVisual Shows
  • The Famine Museum-plus AudioVisual Shows
  • The Original Croke Memorial
  • The Tinkers Caravan
  • The Penal Chapel
  • The Garden of Remembrance
  • The Old Forge
  • St. Dominic’s Wishing Well
  • The Brougham Carriage
  • Bog Butter, dating back to 4,000 years before Christ
  • The Giant Irish Elk Antlers, extinct for between 8 and 12,00 years
  • The 4,000 year old Menhir/Standing Stone
  • The Original Statue of Sean Russell

The above list is only a small portion of the exhibitions/memorabilia to be marvelled at on site-plus you can also view what has often been described as the finest example of top quality thatched buildings to be seen anywhere in Ireland. If you have a genuine in real, unadulterated Irish history, then you will find that a visit to Cashel Folk Village/Museums to be a truly memorable experience, and something not to be missed.

Approx 250 Metres from the Rock of Cashel

Adults: €9
Senior Citizen/Student: €7
Children 6/13 Years: €5
Under 6s: Free

Check onsite for Group Rates/Family Rates.

By appointment at almost any time, simply ring Bernard on 087 9151316 or email For most of the off-season I am still personally here onsite, but the contact details are provided to visit on the rare occasions that I am not there, so that any potential visitors can be accommodated.