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Denis Vahey Photography

Phone: 087 6669364

Denis is a commercial and portrait photographer.

He has a cinematic style characterised by vibrant colours, contrasted against dark backgrounds. He loves to work with people and prides himself on his ability to form a personal and natural rapport with clients, creating a comfortable and positive environment where they can express their deepest potential behind the camera and capture the best version of themselves or their product.

Having travelled much of the world, and lived several years in the Middle East, Denis is extremely versatile and can easily adapt himself to a new environment and a new team. He has a contagious enthusiasm, which fires the imagination of the people around him and pushes the possibilities of a project far beyond their initial expectations.

What attracts him most to the commercial sector is its immense variety, encompassing many different genres of photography. Always conscious of his clients needs; Denis loves to take a concept from its initial stages on the drawing board and manifest it into a rich and complex visual image, enhancing the reputation of the brand.

Denis’ studio is centred in the historical town of Cashel, but he works nationally and is always ready to pack up his gear and hit the road for an international project.