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Larkspur Park In 20 Best Clubs In The Country

Larkspur Park has been selected as one of the 20 best sports clubs in the country in a competition run by the Irish Times. The club was nominated by Rosemary Maher and has a chance to finish first. The result will be announced next week.

This from The Irish Times –

Cashel, Co Tipperary
Sport : Pitch’n’putt, tennis, badminton
Club:  Multisport club serving young and old.

“What have a racehorse, an American ambassador, a world-famous horse trainer and a sports complex got in common? Larkspur Park is a sports complex in Cashel. Vincent O’Brien trained the horse Larkspur to win the Epsom Derby. The horse was owned by Raymond Guest, the US ambassador – he donated the money to buy a field in the centre of Cashel. Groups have visited Wimbledon, Roland Garros and Saint Émilion. Our success is due to our ability to change and adapt to the changing needs of the people of Cashel.”
Nominated by Rosemary Maher