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Loughmore Festival - The Purcell Picnic - 23.June.2024

Loughmore Festival – The Purcell Picnic – 23.June.2024

A celebration of the heritage, culture, and history of loughmore – the home of the Purcell’s. Everyone is welcome for a festival of traditional music, crafts, food, and fun. Medieval fancy dress is optional. Children under 16 are free

Purcell Picnic


Join in for the Purcell Picnic, a special event that brings friends and family from all over the world together to the historic home of the Purcell family in Loughmore. This celebration is a wonderful opportunity to step back in time and enjoy a day filled with traditional music, crafts, and food, all set in the beautiful surroundings of Loughmore.

This festival is a celebration of the heritage, culture and history of Loughmore, the cherished home of the Purcells. It’s a family-friendly event with something for everyone:

  • Traditional Music: Enjoy live performances of timeless tunes that will have your feet tapping and your heart singing.
  • Crafts: Discover local artisans showcasing their handmade crafts, offering a glimpse into the traditional arts of the region.
  • Food: Savour a variety of delicious foods, from hearty meals to sweet treats, all made with love and local ingredients.
  • Fun: Participate in fun activities and games that promise to entertain both young and old.

Everyone is welcome to join in the festivities, and medieval fancy dress is optional for those who want to add an extra touch of historical flair to their experience.

Entry Details:

They are looking forward to welcoming you to the Purcell Picnic for a day of cultural celebration, community spirit and timeless fun in the heart of Loughmore.

Location: Loughmore Loughmoe

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