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Rossa Pottery

Phone: 062 65899 / 062 61388

Rossa Pottery is crafted individually and hand thrown to the highest standards. Handmade at the small family workshop, we pride ourselves on being the oldest Pottery in Ireland with secret handmade glazes, recipes and techniques that have been developed and refined within the Walsh family over generations.

Rossa Pottery is Ireland’s oldest pottery and we are very proud to keep up the traditional ways in which its made.
Each piece delivers a unique and unusual charm.

Handmade at the small family workshop using our own old secret glaze recipes and techniques, handed down from Father to Son, every piece is individually signed by Alan, the master potter.

These temperamental glazes, complemented by elegant and sensuous designs, are the foundation of the Rossa Range, a range that shows the best of contemporary Irish Pottery.

Our quaint little shop is situated in the heart of Cashel Town. Here you will find our own unique handmade pottery amongst other very different gift items.

We are open all year round.